Fitness 101: Perfecting the Plank


When it comes to strengthening your core, no exercise is more effective than the Plank. The Plank is a body resistance exercise that strengthens your entire body. A good Plank can help make your core rock solid, strengthen your lower back, and add power and definition to your shoulders.

A Plank can be as intense as you want it to be, making it a great exercise for all levels of physical ability. A plank works almost every main muscle group and offers all the benefits of the sit up, without risking lower back pain.

Nike master trainer, Joselyn Thompson Rule, has helped us demonstrate how to do the perfect Plank. Let’s get started.


Basic Push Up Position Image - How to do the perfect plank

Get into a basic push-up position, leaving your knees resting on the floor. Once you’re comfortable, slowly raise your hips up into full push-up position, ensuring your legs are straight. The goal here is to keep your chest, abs and shoulders as aligned as possible. Everything from your shoulders to your feet should be straight.

What does the perfect plank position look like? - Life Style Sports


Slowly lower your body until you are resting on your forearms (not your elbows!). Tuck your head slightly to avoid straining your neck. This is the Plank position, and the idea is to remain in this position for as long as possible. Try to suck your belly button up towards your spine for maximum effect.

The perfect footwear for doing the plank workout

Hold your Plank for as long as you can. To begin with, you should aim for 20 seconds. If you can hold your plank for two minutes, you’re ready to move onto more advanced variations. The longer you can hold your plank in place, the stronger and more resistant your lower back will be to injuries and sprains.

A good pair of training footwear, like the pair of shoes that Jos is wearing, are perfect for making sure you’ve got good support. You can view our range of Nike training footwear here.


Once you can hold your Plank for two minutes, it might be time to kick it up a notch. From the full Plank position, slowly raise your left leg off the floor. Hold your left leg in the air for as long as you can without losing your shape.

Perfect Plank Guide

Once you’re ready, slowly bring your left leg back down to the floor. Repeat the same exercise with your right leg. These variations really blast your abs and strengthen everything from your shoulders to your glutes.


Joselyn Thompson Rule - Nike - warm up

The Plank is a simple exercise that will your help you build complete core strength. To get the most out of this exercise, you need to ensure you are wearing the right gear. You can check out our range of the latest Nike fitness clothing here. Bring Your A Game and Beat January with Life Style Sports #MyAwesome.

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